Indiana eliminated the old "hardship license" statute and replaced it with "Specialized Driving Privileges" which makes a limited license available to many people with a suspended license. There are only a few circumstances that will keep someone from being eligible to petition for specialized driving privileges. If you want to drive after being suspended, you are encouraged to contact Collins & Associates Law Office as soon as possible!

Too often a suspended driver's license prevents someone them from getting to work. In the past, Indiana's laws allowed individuals with a suspended license to petition for a hardship license. Often, that can be fixed with Specialized Driving Privileges.
Indiana drivers whose licenses were suspended by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles or a court have often the ability to request that their driving privileges be reinstated. with specialized driving privileges.
In order to obtain these privileges, the driver must petition the court. The petition is required to:

  • Include the drivers date of birth, age, and address
  • Include why the driver is requesting specialized driving privileges
  • Be filed in the county where the driver currently resides
  • Be filed in a circuit or superior court in the county of the driver's residence
  • Be signed and verified by the driver/petitioner, and
  • Be served upon the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the prosecuting attorney.

Typically, a person will seek specialized driving privileges to drive to and from work or during the course of the workday, for parenting obligations, and medical appointments, etc. However, there may be other, additional items that may proper in the situation and case. The decision whether to grant or deny these privileges is ultimately up to the judge in the court one is petitioning.

When a person has been granted specialized driving privileges, he or she must be sure to have proof of financial responsibility (SR22 insurance) during the duration of the privileges. This requires the drive to always carry a copy of the signed court Order in the vehicle and/or on their person. This provides proof of driving privileges when requested by a police officer.

How can you apply for specialized driving privileges?

Your eligibility to petition for specialized driving privileges does not guarantee that privileges will be granted. You will be required to go through a hearing in front of the judge to determine your eligibility. If the privileges are granted, the judge will also the nature and extent of your privileges.

Some people are NOT entitled to Petition for Specialized driving privileges

Indiana Code 9-30-16-1 provides that the following drivers may NOT petition the court for specialized driving privileges:

  • A person who has never had a valid Indiana driver's license
  • A person who holds a commercial driver's license
  • A person who has refused to submit to a chemical test
  • A person who has been convicted for an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle and causing the death of another person, or
  • A person who has previously received a specialized driving privilege and who has more than one (1) conviction for violating the terms of those specialized driving privileges.

Have you been driving without a license due to a suspension from an OWI/DUI, or because you owe money to the BMV? What about a license suspension because you did not have proper insurance? Contact Collins & Associates Law Office today! We are skilled at obtaining all information necessary to petition for specialized driving privileges in Indiana, and presenting the Petition to the Court at your hearing. Our office line 812-475-1234 is available 24/7.

if you are awarded specialized driving privileges in Indiana, what can you do?

You may be permitted travel to and from work and only during the course of employment. The judge may allow travel to medical appointments, parenting time exchange locations and mental health or other forms of counseling. The judge will have broad discretion, and the court may allow travel to other locations

Find out if you are eligible for specialized driving privileges in Indiana!

By law, Indiana specialized driving privileges MUST last for at least 180 days. If you currently have a suspended license, it is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible about any potential specialized driving privileges you might receive. An attorney, such as Collins & Associates, can advise you and file your petition. Contact Collins & Associates to for a free consultation. Call 812-475-1234 or email the office today!